Own Your Bookie: How To Profit From Betting

How To Profit From BettingEveryone who gambles does so with the aim to try and make more money than it costs them. Sadly, only a few percentage of people actually break even. An even smaller number will actually make a profit. Although the statistics differ between what form of gambling is being used, around 3% of people who use a betting exchange will make more than £10,000 per year. More people are actually profiting from poker and Forex trading than betting on say horse racing and football. Even worse figures are for those who bet on some US sports picks, such as NBA picks and NFL picks. The reason for the latter showing low figures of success is that those sports attract more fun betting.


Although not many gamblers make money, the figures clearly show that it is not at all impossible. In fact, many thousands of people actually make a decent living from it across the UK. One major benefit of being a professional gambler in the UK over say the US, is that it is tax free. If you make £100,000 profit from betting on horse racing, then you keep £100,000, and do not have to declare it for tax purposes. If you made similar in the US then you have to pay a chunk of it to the taxman.


So, how to profit from betting? I have been making a living from it since the mid-nineties, and these days I have numerous systems and methods for making money. Whether it is straight win betting, lay betting, or trading, I will make a profit over the long term. Initially, it takes research, trial and error, and most important of all, patience. The reason why so many people fail to profit is because they are constantly looking for the next winner, rather than searching for the next 100 winners that abide by a certain set of rules, which may show a profit over the long term.


This site has been set up to offer information, systems, methods, reviews and recommendations to help people profit from betting. No matter what the sport, Forex market, or card game, there is a way to make money out of all of them, and I will try to cover as much as I can. Hopefully you will find something useful here that helps you to also make a profit from betting. Just remember, it does not happen overnight, but perseverance will eventually get you on the road to long term profits. Those that give up, or quickly change from one system or tipster to another, will continue to lose throughout their lives.



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Greyhound Betting System – Bags Beater

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It’s a fact that the majority of punters think that greyhound racing is nothing more than a game of chance. But the fact is that just like any other event the winner can be predicted if you’ve got the right knowledge and tools. The goal of the racing manager is to put together six dogs that are as closely matched as possible. What that means is that any of the dogs in the race can win, based on their recent past performances.
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Profit At The Races

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