Own Your Bookie: How To Profit From Betting

How To Profit From BettingEveryone who gambles does so with the aim to try and make more money than it costs them. Sadly, only a few percentage of people actually break even. An even smaller number will actually make a profit. Although the statistics differ between what form of gambling is being used, around 3% of people who use a betting exchange will make more than £10,000 per year. More people are actually profiting from poker and Forex trading than betting on say horse racing and football. Even worse figures are for those who bet on some US sports picks, such as NBA picks and NFL picks. The reason for the latter showing low figures of success is that those sports attract more fun betting.


Although not many gamblers make money, the figures clearly show that it is not at all impossible. In fact, many thousands of people actually make a decent living from it across the UK. One major benefit of being a professional gambler in the UK over say the US, is that it is tax free. If you make £100,000 profit from betting on horse racing, then you keep £100,000, and do not have to declare it for tax purposes. If you made similar in the US then you have to pay a chunk of it to the taxman.


So, how to profit from betting? I have been making a living from it since the mid-nineties, and these days I have numerous systems and methods for making money. Whether it is straight win betting, lay betting, or trading, I will make a profit over the long term. Initially, it takes research, trial and error, and most important of all, patience. The reason why so many people fail to profit is because they are constantly looking for the next winner, rather than searching for the next 100 winners that abide by a certain set of rules, which may show a profit over the long term.


This site has been set up to offer information, systems, methods, reviews and recommendations to help people profit from betting. No matter what the sport, Forex market, or card game, there is a way to make money out of all of them, and I will try to cover as much as I can. Hopefully you will find something useful here that helps you to also make a profit from betting. Just remember, it does not happen overnight, but perseverance will eventually get you on the road to long term profits. Those that give up, or quickly change from one system or tipster to another, will continue to lose throughout their lives.



Betfair Trading

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The numbers of people working from home utilising their talents on the Internet keeps growing at a breakneck speed and one of the biggest areas of growth in The UK is online trading, in sports activities as well as various markets.

There are many benefits of establishing and operating a sports or miscellaneous trading operation from your home. First of all, expenses are usually kept low, it is not necessary for costly business property or costly employees, and absolutely no necessity to purchase stock or any possibility of bad debts. Secondly, any and all profits are completely tax free ( in Britain presently at least, though you would need to check that in your own country. )

The markets that you can trade from home are far too numerous to mention here, but are not confined solely to sports. Political appointments and results, stock markets, even reality TV show results are avidly followed by the growing army of online traders.

So what is the difference between online trading and gambling? Simple, in gambling you back a horse or a team in the hope that it is the winner. In internet trading you buy a bet when you think it to be of good value, and after that you are able to sell it to somebody else to get more cash if you would like, hence locking in a guaranteed profit no matter the result of the horserace or sporting event or whatever it is. Additionally, should you think a bet to be overvalued it is possible to sell it first, armed with the idea of buying it back at a lesser amount of money a bit later to make your profit. This procedure was entirely impossible using a classic bookmaker ahead of the creation of betting exchanges.

So what on earth is the big difference between trading the Dow Jones closing price on the stock exchange, to trading exactly the same thing on the betting exchange? In my view, almost nothing whatsoever, apart from obviously the ridiculous benefit I mentioned earlier on that all of your profits from the betting exchanges usually are untaxed. Small wonder then that serious organisations and serious capital are already flowing into the betting exchanges in the past number of years.

Additionally they give you a hedging vehicle to be able to balance existing trading in more traditional markets and here too the influx of business has been heavy and sustained.

Already there are countless books and courses available supposedly to tell you and teach you how to effectively trade these exchanges. As with all business books and manuals, some are brilliant and rapidly become bibles, while others need leaving in the nearest public convenience poste haste.

All this interest in online trading has brought a huge surge in liquidity that makes it so much easier to trade. On one exchange alone during a recent cricket match, in excess of forty million pounds was matched, that’s about seventy million dollars. On one game! That’s a stat that is bound to make anyone think seriously about online trading.

Betting exchanges are gaining credence and also influence all the time and with each and every month which goes by seemingly yet another nation legalises the whole operation, and it would appear it is just a matter of time until the big betting exchanges will be entirely made legal and accepted around the world. The rapid progress within this industry is certain to carry on, government interference currently being the only feasible barrier to their onward global acceptance.

For anyone who is thinking about beginning a new business online at home, and if you do have a talent for maths, you could possibly do a great deal worse than examine whole business of trading.

Betfair Trading

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Learn The Basics Of Texas Holdem Poker Today

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Basics Of Texas Holdem PokerHoldem poker is really simple to master. This is possibly the reason why the game has become quite the craze in card rooms around the globe regardless of whether offline or online. In Texas holdem, the dealer supplies 2 faced-down playing cards, that are referred to as hole cards as well as pocket cards in texas holdem terminology. Then, the players are dealt with Five faced-up cards, which are known as community cards. For the last round of betting, players need to make the top hand out of the 7 playing cards they are dealt, the 2 playing cards provided faced down as well as the 5 playing cards provided faced-up.

The process

For the 1st round of betting, 2 faced-down playing cards are provided. Three are then be supplied facing up at the middle of the table. These cards can be used by other players to make their hands strong. This is known as the flop. A round of betting is done after this. The fourth card is dealt and betting is again opened. This is called the fourth street or the turn card. The fifth and last card is dealt once more in the middle of the poker table and the final round of betting will happen. This last playing card is called the river card. Players have the choice to gamble, to check, to raise or fold.

Players which are to the immediate left of the dealer are known as the small blind as well as the big blind. Players that are looking to enter the hand need to call the big blind to enable them to remain in the game. Otherwise they are going to need to fold.

As stated earlier, players that have the top hand will get the pot. The very best hand permutations will obviously be determined by the conventional poker hands. In the event of ties, which frequently occurs with this particular version of poker, players are going to divide the pot.

Forms of Betting

You can find 3 kinds of betting in Texas holdem. In the Limit Hold em gambling framework, the total amount which a player can bet or raise is going to be restricted to amounts which are previously specified at the beginning of the game. Small blind and big blinds will have specific amounts they can bet on the 1st two rounds of betting. In the 3rd and following betting rounds, the bets are going to be increased in specified increments, for instance, two-dollar increments. After the turn and river cards, betting will of course be more expensive.

Spread limit Holdem Poker, on the other hand, is much the same as Limit Holdem except for one thing, the raising of bets will not be according to a specified amount but instead according to a certain range or spread, the term used in poker games.

Another kind of betting structure is the Pot Limit Holdem, which limits the player’s maximum bet. In this structure, a player’s bet cannot exceed the total amount accumulated in the pot.

In the no limit holdem betting structure, there is no limit on the amounts that players may bet or raise. This is often challenging for players that usually rely on the size of the betting to speculate the strength of the hand of their opponents. Since there are no limits and no ranges, they have got absolutely no way of figuring out if the player is at ease his hand or simply a plain large casino gambler.

Basics Of Texas Holdem Poker

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Bet Angel Review

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Bet Angel Pro is software created by Betfair traders. It has countless essential functions which were absent from the standard exchange interface. This has been created to be a software program that has frequent updates and changes as the betting exchanges improve as time passes.

Available for purchase since the beginning of 2005, professional traders have made use of Bet Angel Pro since its unveiling. Made for use on Betdaq And Betfair, Bet Angel Pro has been created to be a revolutionary system for trading on the exchanges. Aiding you to carefully take care of your trades in and out of the exchange market. Innovative functions never ever found before on normal betting exchange software lets you maximise the exchange market potential. Functions for example kill or fill offsetting make certain that orders can be placed in the exchange market making sure false or partly filled up orders can automatically be filled or not filled quickly increasing your profit margin potential.

Automatic, intelligent and trailing stop losses furthermore permit you to trade very easily in the market with the knowledge that in case a position moves against you, your trade shall be closed in efficiently. It is also possible to open a position in the market and walk away from your screen leaving Bet Angel to deal with everything for you.

The trader screen provides remarkable trading tools to your personal computer. Using the unique charting facilities you are now able to see advanced trading information right in front of your eyes and then take positions in the market utilizing the trading tools in front of you. Observe the charts and then use one click betting to take a position using Bet Angel Pro’s highly developed trading options.

Should you be looking at highly liquid and volatile markets just like horse racing then simply make use of the graphs to monitor price moving averages as they move along the display surrounded by the unique price forecasting ‘price envelope’. The price envelope maps out the estimated price movements within the market that you are observing. Watch as the momentum indicator lets you know where the odds are going to move to and use the price envelope to frame that movement.

I’ve been making use of Bet Angel now for around Eight years and make use of it for many reasons. The main one is clearly trading, however it is a superb application for dutching in addition to making a book on any sporting event. The software program is perfect for the novice and the experienced. They give excellent tutorials and video lessons to make sure you get the most from the application. So is this program worth ordering? Absolutely. Discover More.

Bet Angel Review



Bet Angel Review

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The Pro Punter Package Review

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Pro Punter Package ReviewPro Punter Package is one of the latest systems to be published from a trusted supplier. Designed by a professional punter who has been around for several years, and has a great deal of professional experience and knowledge within the sporting world. Anyone whom starts off trading or betting will find out it’s very difficult to generate a profit.

The best way to advance and better your profits is always to continue testing different gambling systems right until you in the end figure it out, under no circumstances stop trying. This item helps guide you in making profit from gambling bets which deliver winners at a decent level. While you will frequently experience losing streaks, it is actually how you will overcome these on an emotional level that can be the difference relating to winning or losing over the long run. Discovering a gambling item that works is an effective way to rise up the ladder to getting an income from gambling. So, is this system any worthwhile?

No matter whether you know how to bet or not, everything required have been covered. It is a detailed package that covers everything you need to get a method of getting frequent winners. To be able to become successful at gambling, then this product is probably the one suitable for you.

Having everything laid out in front of you in an easy to comprehend approach, is more effective when compared with picking random gambling bets from your paper.

Calculating stakes is simple, and every professional punter will say, the line in between prosperity and disaster is usually about how you will deal with your gambling bank. Makes use of the picks given in the Pro Punter Package and additionally adhere to the staking recommendations, and in the end you will find some profits forthcoming.

What you must do with any betting should be to test it with a 200 selections. You shouldn’t throw in the towel until then. Bear in mind, if you ever strive to be a pro gambler, then failure is something you simply cannot do.

This is not something which will take ages to undertake, the selections do not take long. The bets can be placed whenever you want before the event. You do not need a huge bank to start with either, you can start with 100, however, try to remember, the lower the betting bank, the smaller the gains.

This website says:

You can be a total beginner who knows nothing about horse racing or a seasoned punter, no matter who you are or what you do, providing you are willing to learn new skills the Pro Punter Package will provide a realistic, logical and profitable toolset that you can use to make as much or as little profit as you like!

 There is no wild hype, no promises of making 100k a year with only 5 minutes work, no made up story about the discovery of a magical system. We don’t need it – the Pro Punter Package speaks for itself.

Consequently, will it be worth obtaining this product? Certainly it is. You should find something totally new as well as valuable by simply following the content covered. You should not expect you’ll be a multi-millionaire in a single day, numerous professional punters mainly make a few thousand on a monthly basis. As it is free of tax, it will be more than sufficient to live on.

If you would like more details concerning this item, then click on Pro Punter Package

The Pro Punter Package Review

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Best Free Horse Racing Tips Review

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Best Free Horse Racing Tips ReviewThis product has recently been created to support you in finding a lot more winners, and create earnings.

The producer of this item is definitely a reputable pro gambler within the sports betting world, and has now been known for more than 12 years. The high street bookies despise betting systems that will do the job, and the majority of folks who utilize them generally have their usually have betting accounts shut down. Thankfully, nowadays we all need not be worried about things such as that any longer as we now have the exchanges accessible to us all.

Controlling your hard earned money is an extremely important factor whenever gambling, and this item demonstrates how to get it done the right way. Do not think that you know better, stick to the rules, they work. The Best Free Horse Racing Tips offers enough selections to keep you ticking over nicely. Do not expect to win continuously though. Losing runs undoubtedly are a natural part of any system.

You should also not expect to get rich quick. Professional gambling is centered on pulling in profits over the long term, and increasing stakes as you go, but doing so by keeping the bank secure at all times. Although the author of this product shows some results on the site, due to the variance in betting odds, determined by when someone puts on a bet, you might do better or even worse when compared with the author.

Throughout the demo period spanning a few hundred gambling bets, it produced a decent profit margin on investment around 6.5%. Nothing at all like being victorious in the lotto, yet I would personally opt to generate income over the long run, when compared with awaiting my lucky Six numbers to show up.

Claims expressed by the websites writer:

Easily receive winning racing tips from professional bettors as our excellent team does all the hard work for you…

Professional horse racing tips for free
Delivered to your inbox every day
Superb strike rate
Flat & Jump racing both covered

Hence overall, this system has revealed itself to be pretty decent. It really is certainly well worth adding to your existing gambling portfolio.

If you need additional information relating to this betting system, then just click Best Free Horse Racing Tips

Best Free Horse Racing Tips Review

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