Stock Trading Riches: The Simple, But Powerful Formula That Transforms Your Stock Picks Into Money Pumps


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In today’s world of instant trade execution, sophisticated analysis, global markets, and 24/7 news, traders and investors still routinely fail to beat the market. The brutal fact is that a free market is about price discovery. A market works like an organism – “consuming” new fundamental and technical information and rendering it ineffective.A 30-day moving average may make money for a while – until the market “digests” this parameter. Today’s report on CNBC is already reflected in the price of the stock. Only 1% of traders are superstars who can consistently re-adjust, find, and exploit new information. The average trader or investor needs a simple system that is flexible and robust – that does not depend on the market moving in trends, or creating chart patterns.Praveen Puri developed his system after becoming fascinated with the idea of a pure zen trading system that would use no news reports, indicators, charts, or parameters to distract from Now. He developed a simple and powerful trading system that applies an easy calculation to each stock, fund, or ETF in your portfolio – to buy low and sell high.Praveen Puri has been a full-time trader, financial software developer, and a vice president at a major bank. He has appeared on MSNBC, NBC, The Wall Street Journal, FINS, MarketWatch, and Wise Magazine.