1 Point Wins – Simple Back Bets on the Horses

Heard that before? I assume you have. But before you think this is like everything else, take a look at these stats that I have produced this year. And no, I’m not vague about my results or secretive about the stats. Everything you could possibly want to know is in the table below:

So if you are looking for a system that has produced 288.02pts profit to level 1pt back bets with 2 TINY losing months in the last 13, you ARE in the right place!

Over my 17 years of betting on the horses I have gained a vast knowledge of horse racing in general and have made a fair few friends who are in the business. These friends have often taught me things that 99% of punters or even tipsters will overlook.

All of this information goes into my daily selection process which takes me over an hour each and every morning to complete.

And seeing my bank grow from the £1,000 I started with in January to £7,363.21 in 10 months makes it all worth while.

It would be stupid of me to think otherwise especially after spending 17 years betting on the horses. I know how brutal it can be.

But with a current track record of 251 wins from 803 (31.26%) to the end of October with October alone showing a nice profit of 51.48pts!

Just select the subscription option you want to go for. You can sign up for 1, 3 or 6 months and none of these payments are automatically rebilled. You’ll be asked before making another payment.

After you’ve completed your payment, just enter your email address into the relevant form to let me know where you want me to email the selections each morning.

Wait until the morning to receive your selections (around 10am, sometimes a little later but never after midday) where you’ll receive full details of the race time, course and selection to back.

Go and place your bets. No messing around working out your stakes. Just back each horse to win the…