10 Steps to Create a Profitable Trading System in Excel: Getting Started Guide


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Learn the Basics of Building Profitable Trading Models in Excel from a Wall Street veteran with over 15 years experience. Excel has tremendous benefits as a tool for traders and investors, including the ability to build trading systems for little or no cost. If you are just getting started or would like to increase your knowledge of using Excel in your own trading, this guide is an excellent starting point.

Benefits to you:

- Learn the 10 specific steps required to design and build your own trading strategies in Excel.

- Discover the process to successfully create profitable trading systems — and the pitfalls to avoid that can lose a lot of money.

- Understand the three main components of an Excel-based trading model and why they are important.

- Find little-known tools that will dramatically reduce the time and effort required to build and test a trading model in Excel.

- Save countless hours of unnecessary (and expensive) trial and error — learn to do it correctly the first time.

Key topics covered:

Step 1: Your Trading Strategy Concept

Step 2: Create Your Trading Strategy Rules

Step 3: Create Your Excel Model Layout

Step 4: Build Your Excel Model Formulas

Step 5: Import Market Data into Excel

Step 6: Automate Your Excel Model with VBA Code

Step 7: Plan Your Trade Execution

Step 8: Back Test Your Excel Trading Model

Step 9: Forward Test Your Excel Trading Model

Step 10: Go Live!

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