#15 Learn Poker (Single Wide Female: The Bucket List)


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I’m going to tell you that I’ve never cheated in my life! Except every time that I’ve been on a diet—and once at a three-legged race when I picked up little Jessie and ran with her.

And — I’ve never cheated on a man in my life. That’s mainly due to the fact that I’m lucky if I can get a date with one guy, never mind two being on the scene at the same time. It’s easy to have high moral principles when you have limited choices.

So poker? It’s glam, exciting, high pressure and rolling in money. In short, it’s everything that I’m not. So I’m going to give it a go as the next item on my bucket list. And if anyone calls me a cheat? I’ll pull out my six inch stiletto heel faster than any ol’ fashioned cowboy.

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