2015 Mizuno ThermaGrip Mens Winter Thermal Playing Golf Gloves -PAIR


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It’s a well known fact that cold hands will ruin your golf game! The Mizuno Thermagrip Winter Golf gloves use Cabretta leather palms and a flexible windproof outer layer to keep the feeling and performance in your fingers when the weather is cold

  • Every packet comes complete with two gloves so you can keep both hands warm and performing at their best during the whole round.
  • The flexible, all weather material on the back of the glove is fully breathable and windproof for maximum heat retention.
  • High quality Cabretta leather is utilised in the entire palm, index finger and thumb for a soft feel and extra grip with every shot.
  • Stretch knit cuffs keep the gloves in place to prevent movement and help keep extra heat in.
  • For the colder winter months, these super warm performance golf gloves have been specifically designed so that you do not have to take them off when playing your shot.