99% of Betting Systems are Doomed – Harvard Graduate & Racing Expert Shares Winners at 50/1, 40/1, 33/1, 25/1, 12/1, 7/1 …

If any wannabee expert can tick a few boxes in some horse racing research software and after a bit of tweaking can find a winning angle that shows great profit …

… how long do you think it will be before the rest of the betting world latches on to that system.

If winning was easy, the twenties would be spilling out of your pocket every time you walk out of the bookies.

But the biggest secret that most don’t realise is that it only takes a little bit of work to move from losing to winning.

When most people are only willing to put in zero work, spending half an hour finding your selections puts you head and shoulders above the crowd.

The secret to my betting success is the creation of methods and systems that aren’t back-fitted and over researched database systems.

Instead they are systems that have started as a winning idea and then gradually been refined over years of winning.

I have four key methods that I use in my portfolio of methods that supplement the horses that I note in running.

The Weatherman –  Most form experts, tipsters and amateur bettors underestimate the importance of the underfoot conditions for any given horse. Sure they look at the going and see if it has a tick in the Postdata table.

But that’s too easy and too obvious and overlooks the horses that will overturn the odds and win at big prices. A little extra work finds a lot of extra profit.

Only 11 selections so far this Flat (Turf) Season, with wins at 50/1, 25/1, 16/1, 14/1 & 15/2  and a 2nd at 16’1 from just the 11 selections.

Glorious Goodwood – The Goodwood Festival is a meeting like no other on a unique course. Over the years I have gathered together key pointers that have consistently made this one of my best and most profitable meetings each year.

I refine this each year to make sure I’m ahead of the trends and I’ll send you the latest version…