A Great Leap Forward?: Making Sense of China’s Cooling Credit Boom, Technological Transformation, High Stakes Rebalancing, Geopolitical Rise, & Reserve Currency Dream


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China is going to shake the world. Will you be ready?

The world’s second largest economy is on the edge of a great transformation… or an epic disaster. It has enormous implications for the global economy either way.

This e-book from best-selling author John Mauldin and Worth Wray features an all-star cast of China watchers. Whether you’ve watched from afar or seen the China miracle firsthand, this book will help you consider China’s future from a variety of perspectives. Most important, you’ll learn what China’s changes means for your portfolio.

About the Book:

Many economists and historians credit Beijing’s central planners for the nation’s transformation from a poor agrarian economy in the 1970s to a space-age industrial dynamo today. Some think an even greater leap forward is coming.

John Mauldin and Worth Wray say that either way, China will shake the world.

Decades of command & control governance have left China’s “old” smokestack economy overbuilt and awash in debt, with a banking system that may be seriously underwater. Beijing hopes rising retail consumption and productivity will usher in a new era of growth—but the devil is in the details.

China’s reformers face high & rising debt, zombie industries, a “deliquified” banking system, widespread risks to employment, and even threats to the Communist Party itself.

The People’s Republic needs a new plan. We will all learn in the next five years what it will look like… and whether or not it will work.

In A Great Leap Forward?, John and Worth continue the Mauldin Economics tradition of making the complex simple. Their handpicked experts will take you on a fascinating journey through China’s past, present, and future.

China’s future is the entire world’s future. What will it look like? Read A Great Leap Forward? to find out.


Nouriel Roubini

Ian Bremmer

Michael Pettis

Louis-Vincent Gave

Raoul Pal

Gillem Tulloch

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard

Neil Howe

Jack Rivkin

David Goldman

Jawad Mian

George Magnus

Leland Miller

Mark Hart

Logan Wright

Ernan Cui,

Andrew Batson

Simon Hunt

Samuel Rines

Jason Daw and Wei Yao