AND1 Lay Up Basketball System


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This is a perfect board that grows with the progress that you make yourself. The adjustable height ensures that when dunks and lay ups begin getting too easy, its time to raise the bar.The 109cm injection moulded backboard can be adjusted to any height between 2.28m and 3.05m. This range is achieved through its telescopic height adjustable steel pole.Shortening the pole helps make the product easy to maneuver and transport and once you’ve settled on a location the base can be filled with water or sand for stability.The Lay Up System is straightforward to set up and ideal for those starting out.

  • 109cm (43″) rectangular backboard
  • 50 litre base fills with 50kg of water or 80kg of sand for a stable foundation
  • Telescopic height adjustment mechanism quickly adjusts the rim height from 2.28m to 3.04m without the use of tools
  • Six different height settings at 15cm increments
  • Includes pole pad
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