Do yourself a HUGE FAVOR and spend the next few minutes carefully reading every word on this page. I’m going to let you in on “the horse betting secret” that will completely change your life!!

Over the last 15 years I’ve been able to enjoy a very lucrative betting career by delivering long term consistent profits for myself and my subscribers.

My old P&Ls showed a lot more “L”s (as in Losses) than “P”s (Profits.) You probably know what I’m talking about there. but with hard work I got there in the end

Becoming adept at finding winners and making a profit takes time, experience, and patience, and let’s face it, most of us do not have much spare time

I am here today to let you know that it is possible to match or even surpass your current wage by spending a few minutes at your computer each day from the comfort of you own home betting on horses,

YOU DON’T need to have ANY experience, YOU DON’T need to spend HOURS studying charts and YOU DON’T need to STRESS about learning some complicated betting software All you need to do is copy someone that’s already doing it!

I will share with you the secrets to setting yourself an affordable “betting bank” and building it month by month using my winning selections and techniques.

My betting philosophy is based on my skills and experience as an equities trader. This boils down to value and timing.

I seek to identify a horses that the bookies/market undervalue and all factors are pointing for it to have a big run.

The service focuses purely on level stakes win betting and you’ll get plenty of action at any UK or irish racetrack!

I cant promise selections every single day. After all, there will not be Value in every race on every racing day. I expect 50-60 tips per month depending on the conditions. Some days there will be multiple opportunities, others none. Patience shall be rewarded.

14.20 Lingfield Park – Temple Road WINNER 4.9 BSP 15.20 Lingfield Park: Multitask WINNER – 5.43 BSP 15:50 Lingfield Park – Sea Soldier WINNER 5.0 BSP

14.30 Plumpton: According to Them WINNER – 12.22 BSP 14:55 Wolverhampton: Pearl Nation WINNER – 3.9 BSP

14.10 Thurles Golden plan – winner @ 5.8 BSP 14.15 Market Rasen No NO Mac – winner @ 5.65 BSP 15.30 Ludlow Scorpiancer – winner @ 3.56 BSP

One client wrote in and said "Charlie, I never believed it was possible to win money betting horses on such a regular basis till I joined your service. Even if we have a poor start to the week now I’m always confident you’ll turn it around and probably be in profit at the end of the week. Thanks so much"

Now…I dont want to sit here and act like the sun shines out of my arse like most…