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A while ago I transferred some money into a gambling/betting site, the site was Betfair and the amount was £20. A week later I withdrew my initial £20 and a substantial amount more, ever since about once a week I have been withdrawing a very nice regular sum which all started from my initial £20 investment, all the money that I now withdraw is pure profit and does not come from gambling on the results of races or events, I make the money by Sports Arbitrage Trading, it sounds very easy, let me assure you achieving that situation was anything but easy and was one of the most difficult things that I have worked on in my life, for many months leading up to that first £20 investment I had spent every day watching Betfair even sitting up throughout many nights, logging changes in prices and trying to find the reason for the price changes and working out the best events, competitors and times to buy and sell the bets at a profit. It was well worth the effort as I now benefit from all that hard work week in week out.
The funniest part is when I show my family or friends the horse races where I win a nice sum of money whichever horse wins, they just do not understand how I do it.
So I have put down in this book all that I have learned and how I use the information to make many successful sports arbitrage trades every day.
I hope you find this book useful….Jerry

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