Betting Barry

Hi there! My name is Barry Brown but my friends refer to me as Betting Barry. I like to have a gamble on most sports like most punters out there but my true passion is horse racing and it’s where my knowledge lies.

Last year, I managed to pull in over an incredible £6,500 of tax-free profit from simple level £25 win bets on the horses.

No funny staking (hate all that 3pt this and 10pt that rubbish)! Just straight forward win bets and level stakes with profits recorded to BSP including the Betfair 5% commission.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t start too well… Last January I decided to keep track of the selections that my system selected throughout the last 6 months of 2013. I didn’t keep records but needless to say it did well for those 6 months. So what happened in January?

A bad start I know, a TERRIBLE one in fact! But if you know anything about backing the horses then you know 1 bad month is almost a certain thing for any tipster or selection process.

I’m glad I didn’t panic! I stuck with the system and was definitely rewarded! I hit 11 straight winning months to end the year.

I was going to offer this system at the end of last year but I wanted to make sure January wasn’t going to repeat itself this year so held out to see how I got on…

A much better start to 2015 I think you’d agree? Here’s a full breakdown of my overall statistics including a breakdown of each month since January 2014. I want to be completely open about my results and the statistics:

Of course, any one can throw together a table with some made up statistics within seconds so I want to give you complete access to my results.

And if you have any queries about my results, then please just drop me an email and I’ll answer your queries.

I want to give you the chance to join a reliable and honest tipster. I want to be that tipster. So until the 2nd February I am going to offer my selections up at a ridiculously low price. Either £4.95 per month or £24.95 for a full year, you pick!