Building Your Dream Horse: Charles Wilhelm’s Ultimate Foundation Training (Howell Equestrian Library)


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Paperback. Pub Date: February. 2005 Pages: 208 Publisher: John Wiley True Horsemanship TRAINING is about People first.-Charles Wilhelm Charles Wilhelm’s Ultimate Foundation Training has Transformed 1961 1966 1971 1976 1981 1986 of horses INTO more Responsive mannerly Companions. In this book. Wilhelm TRAINS you to use his tried and true principles in training your horse. Go inside the horse’s mind to see how he thinks and learns. so you can communicate in a language your horse understands. Discover why and how foundation training works. Wilhelm’s uniquely successful methods will help you build a relationship that’s more rewarding for both you and your horse-one that lasts a lifetime. * Discover why working with your horse should be fun-and why you should stop if it isn’t * Learn to identify your horse’s emotional level and personality type * Find out the ten secrets your hor…