Carl Hepworth’s Horse Racing Winners – Horse Racing Tips Averaging 19pts per Month

Each day I will send you one selection from my win service that has generated me on average £493.22 over a 19 month period to £25 per point stakes. This will give you an indication into my service, but if you want full access to all the tips that make me just over £490 per month check out the Special Introductory Offer below…

I started by following systems I had purchased and from tips I was paying way too much for. Some paid off but I soon realised that betting on the horses is a long game and after 6 months (despite a few big wins) I was down overall.

About 5 years ago I started to create my own criteria and looked at things that most of the systems I had purchased never even talked about. I had some hits and of course some misses but by tweaking the hits I managed to get down to one set of selection criteria that I started using in May 2013.

Since then I have used this criteria to make my bets each day. There are not selections every day but I have managed to hit a strike rate of 34.73% with an average BSP of 4.1

I feel the best way to show you exactly what my selections have done is to give you the full results, all the winners all the losers, download it by clicking the link below.

If you have any issues with downloading the results, then do not hesitate to get into contact and I will email a copy over.

Strike rate: 34.73% (439 wins from 1264 bets) Average bets: 67 per month (1264 bets across 19 months) Longest Winning Run: 6 Longest Losing Run: 16 Average monthly points: +19.72 Average monthly profit (£25 p/pt): £493.22 Average monthly profit (£10 p/pt): £197.29

As you can see my criteria provides approximately 2-3 bets per day. All bets are 1pt or 2pt win bets at BSP.

I bet at £25 per point and I have averaged just short of…