Crushing the Final Table (Focus: Tournament Poker Book 2)


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I have won hundreds of thousands of dollars playing live and online poker tournaments. I have won WPT and HPO events. The strategies I teach in these books will give you the foundation to do the same. My goal is to take people from beginning players to advance as quickly as possible. To do this I have created Poker Tournament Focus. Each book will focus on a specific aspect of poker that is designed to get the biggest results in the least amount of time.

This book will teach you how to Crush the Final Table. Final tables are rare, and each decision could be the difference between a big payday and an early exit. Crushing the Final Table will teach you how to adjust to changing table dynamics. It will teach you the basics of ICM and how it affects your play. This book will discuss each of the stages of play at the final table.

If you play Texas Holdem seriously or if you are interested in taking your game to the next level. This book will teach you what you need to know to Crush Final Tables.

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