Daily Racing Profits

You won’t have seen anything like this before, just check out the screen shot below, which is one days typical racing from the BETFAIR Demonstration Account i have produced for you to show what we can now do.

The Main Demonstration Account was carried out over 11 consecutive days, Between April 13th -23rd.Consisted of 150 bets that included 117 Winners, 33 Losers making a profit of £851.21p.The profit was made from small proportional bets.

The type of bet made, depends on which criteria is suitable for each particular race, you’ll see that the profits/loss are of consistent size, everything is calculated accordingly.

The main thing that stands out are how easily losers are eradicated, and a profit position is achieved.You’ll also notice a profit situation is made at many different times of the day , making it possible for whoever is betting to decided, when to call it a day.

Using any average weeks racing, where ever it maybe. I will show you exactly how you can do this for yourself.

Just a simple way to analyse collateral form and be able to select the correct style of bet method,with the right stake at the right price.

As you read on, i hope you won’t think I’m rambling on, but i think its very important you see where my thoughts are coming from, its taken me 7 years of sabatical to think about what you’re about to read.

Then carry on reading, before you finally check out the whole account, i’m sure you can wait a little bit longer.!

OKAY! We need a Proven Selection Process that produces outright winners everyday of the week at a massive strike rate, at the right prices, a selection process that is robust enough to cover inevitable losers that do occur nearly everyday and put us back in a winning position quickly.

You may think, that’s asking a bit much, and i would agree definitely, if we were trying to bet using TRADITIONAL BOOKMAKERS, as we use too in the so…