Einstein’s rule of 72 states that invested with an interest rate set at 10%, it will take 7.2 years to double your money, meaning banks, stocks and bonds are far from your best bet. The following report has been compiled by expert statisticians, professional gamblers and self-made millionaires to help you double your investment as many times as you wish for the rest of your life! So if you are fed up of stingy interest rates, slow returns in the market, not enough capital to invest in property or you simply just want to increase your bank balance and start living the good life then these money doubling tips are for you!

This system works in the same way as any investment–return system does in that you make a financial investment for it to be returned plus the addition of profit. The amount of profit you make depends on exactly how much you invest – quite literally you get back what you put in. And by following the strategy within this report you will see exactly how you can double your investment as many times as you wish each day and you need never work again!

By following this strategy you will find just how quick and easy it can be to double your money and soon enough you will be on the path to financial freedom. Each day that passes presents itself with a new opportunity to double up and with hundreds of trades each and every day you’ll be making big money in no time. And the beauty is this works on a whole variety of sports not just football but tennis, basketball, volleyball and so on… Investment using this strategy should see you eventually double your money after not after 7 years but each and every day. This is exactly how you will make a lot of money and fast!

Professor Francis Kingsley-Meyer has been awarded the ECF Merit for Modern Day Economics and Online Wealth for the achievements of the publication ‘Doubling for Dummies: A Fool-Proof Strategy for Money Doubling…