Eat Stop Eat

“This is why I reviewed 317 published, peer-reviewed scientific studies — so I could be 100% Confident when I tell you that the simple weight loss method I reveal on this page WILL help you lose weight, get rid of ugly body fat and naturally stimulate fat burning hormones in as little as 24 hours, all without sacrificing your metabolism or hard-earned muscle.”

My name is Brad Pilon, and I am going to share with you an easy-to-implement weight loss strategy specifically designed for men and women who want to lose fat without dieting, changing the foods they eat, or sacrificing their metabolism, muscle, or energy levels.

Listen, I am WELL aware of all the false and misleading weight loss products out there… Just like you I’ve paid good money for dozens of different diet books and workout programs only to be disappointed.

So believe me when I say I am confident that after reviewing all of the available scientific research, I can tell you what the 24-hour weight loss method below will help you…

I know this sounds far-fetched which is why I’ve included the over 320 research papers you will see referenced at the end of this page that scientifically validate every single claim I just made.

I want to be completely upfront and honest with you and I will do everything I can to provide you with the information that you need to decide whether or not Eat Stop Eat is the right weight loss program for you.

The principles behind the Eat Stop Eat system have been around for millennia, and were praised by ancient philosophers like Plato and Hippocrates as the very best way to maintain your health and wellness. Yet, it has only been in the last 25 years that science has begun to support these ancient philosophers’ theories.

I’ve used this research to design a system called Eat Stop Eat to help you lose weight without feeling deprived or going days on end…