Elite Ratings System — Tipster Supermarket

“My Software Can Predict Tomorrow’s Winners With Such Accuracy You Can Now “Fleece” The Bookmakers Without Having To Be Part Of An Illegal Race-Fixing Syndicate.”

The first question I’m asked about my betting software is always…“is it illegal?”

It’s so accurate, and has made me so much money from betting on horses, that I can see why people would think there is something sinister going on.

It often feels like I’m “cheating” the bookmakers, but to be honest, I have absolutely no sympathy for them at all.

They’ve spent so many years robbing me as a punter that it’s only fair that my software has turned the tables on them.

And I’ll happily admit that I’m not gracious in victory (I wasn’t a good loser and I’m not a good winner!)

I don’t know how you feel about triumphantly striding into your local bookmakers, with a smug grin on your face, to collect your winnings, but to me, that’s a pretty good definition of a perfect day.

If you’d like to start having more of these perfect days, and squeeze at least £564.03 a month from your local bookie…betting just £10 a point, then this letter will show you how.

(And yes that’s my real name. I’m an honest and up-front kind of guy and won’t hide behind a pseudonym.)

I suffered years of following the so-called betting tipster “gurus” who promised the earth and in fact delivered absolutely nothing.

I thought I’d cracked it countless times after having a decent day, only to suffer loser after loser wiping out my profits and more.

I knew my software was improving because the winners kept coming but the number of losers was decreasing.

And after about 4 months of developing, and some long days of tweaking and re-tweaking, I finally came up with my own system.

To put it simply it’s a piece of software that crunches a whole load of data in every race and…