Exploitative Poker: Learn to Play the Player: Using Planned Betting Lines


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If you have been playing 10 – 50 NL cash games or low stakes tournaments and you have been struggling to develop your skills, you are about to gain a massive jump your game.


This book is about constructing betting lines against different player types. It focuses on exploitative post-flop betting lines. You will learn:

• How to read hands

• How to identify each type of player at the table

• At exactly which point in the hand each type of player is exploitable

• How to construct betting lines to exploit each type of poker player

• How and when to bluff post-flop

• When to bet for value post-flop

• How to induce aggressive players to barrel when you hit your hand


I will provide you with clear planned done-for-you betting lines. I don’t leave you stranded without a plan. You will know exactly how to play your hand from beginning to the end.

You will learn how to extract the maximum money from your opponents.


Once you have read this book, you will have the confidence, clarity and the knowledge to open your game up.

• You will develop your hand reading skills. You will learn how to interpret different players’ betting actions.

• You will learn the correct betting lines to use depending on your hand, the board, the betting in the hands and the type of opponent you are facing.

• You will find out how you should plan your hand from beginning to end. There will be very few situations in pots with passive players that will leave you guessing what to do.

• You will learn how to think for yourself. The hands in this book are carefully chosen and presented in a systematic way. You can use them as reference hands. However, I am a great believer in teaching a person to fish, rather than providing a fish to eat for the day. In this book, you will get both options. If you learn to fish, you will have the building blocks to continue improving through your poker career.

When you are no longer concerned that you won’t know what to do post-flop, you will naturally be able to play more hands.

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