Finance for Poker Players: Learn how to invest your poker winnings


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Are you making the most financially EV play?

Many young poker players were lucky and skillful enough to accumulate a large amount of money in their 20s. Unfortunately, most don’t know how to manage their money and end up broke. Don’t let that be you.

This is an ebook I wish was available when I was 21 years-old making six figures a year playing poker. It would’ve saved me a lot of stress and a lot of money.

In this ebook, I will go over common leaks that prevent successful poker players from reaching their financial goals. It has nothing to do with high IQs and more with simple investing theory.

From the ebook, you will learn:

  • How to manage your stock portfolio and beat 90% of professional money managers on Wall Street
  • How to create passive income from your poker winnings
  • How to earn more than interest than your checking account is offering
  • How to negotiate when buying a car and get the lowest price. You don’t even have to show up to a car dealership 
  • How to determine on whether buying a house is a good decision for you. Most buy for the wrong reasons. 
  • How to start a business from scratch
  • How to end up with a M+ nest egg by the time you retire 
  • And much more … 
Start building your wealth today.

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