Finding an Edge:: Professional Value Betting Methods on Horse Racing


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Also available in paperback.

Finding an Edge specializes in Value Betting on Horse Racing and provides a fascinating insight into how professionals make it pay – Focusing mainly on Betting Exchange & Bookmaker wagering, some aspects within the book could also help tote board bettors – Check the ‘Look Inside’ feature for further details and suitability.

• Attempting to make profits by simply picking winners with no regard to price may be a little ambitious – If you don’t beat the odds, the odds will end up beating you, so identifying value in the price is essential, and Finding an Edge contains advanced techniques with logical procedures and detailed examples that show readers how to swing the odds in their favour and where the value originates.

• On and Off Course Track Betting Strategies • Proportional Staking & Betting Bank Management • Identify profitable Each Way Bets (Win & Place) • Tote Exotics Selections Formula • Convert win odds into approximate True Win & True Place prices • Timeframes • Backers Book, Hedging, Trading, Backing, Under-priced Lays, Betting In-Play + Plus Lots More. (Updated 2014)