"As an ex-employee of a huge, internationally renound bookmakers I thought it was hard – If not impossible to make money from betting.

For years I thought you couldn’t beat the bookies, I thought the formula’s they worked too could not be broken.

Fact – There are People Who Do Consistently Win Money Time and Time Again.

I couldn’t understand how people made money from betting? Luck? I was thinking to myself ‘ Why are certain ‘very lucky’ people taking the bookmakers for a ride year in, year out?’ I knew it couldn’t just be luck, and working in a bookmakers, I was in the perfect position to find out!

The big break came when I found out about the department that investigates people who win time and time again. Obviously these people where paid a lot more than me, mainly to keep quiet, but people are only human.

It took time but eventually I gained access to the information I needed, how to constistently make money with a football betting system!

The winners all use systems, systems which although the bookmakers know about – it could actually lose them money if they stopped it!

I couldn’t believe it, but the evidence was right there – there has to be the few who constantly win, for there to be the massive majority who occasionally win. Believe it or not the bookmakers will always have a few constistent winners – and there is nothing they can do about it!!!

I spent a long time carefully studying the formula’s bookmakers work to, I knew what to do, but, I wanted to be sure that I knew every possible pitfall, I wanted to know all the ins and outs of the bookies business, I wanted to be guaranteed to make huge amounts of money. My football betting system needed to be perfect.

Week, after week, after week the same patterns where emerging in football.

Needless to say soon after, I quit my job and started putting my systems into action, the money came slowly at first but I kept at it and soon hundreds…