Football Trading on Betfair with Goal Profits

My name is Steve Brown but you probably know me as the guy who has been revolutionising football trading.

If you have not heard of my correct score trading strategies then I’m sure that you know of my exclusive “Team Statistics” software which has completely changed the way that football matches are researched and traded for profit.

Not so long ago I was “that guy who enjoys a bet” but I was able to transform myself into a “professional sports trader” once my profits started to deliver more money than my regular 9 to 5 used to.

Once you have the best trading stats at your disposal for every important league fixture each day…

Plus dynamic strategies which use that information to exploit Betfair markets and secure profits…

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got”

If you have been betting or trading for a period of time and not made the level of profit you expect, something needs to change or you will continue exactly as you are. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

By now you’re beginning to understand that profitable football trading is not simply a fantasy.

You are going to get access to this unique piece of software developed from scratch to my own specifications.

Forget the various stats websites which only show a handful of numbers. They are not good enough for serious, professional trading.

With Team Statistics you are going to have all the trading information at your fingertips for every important league fixture played, every single day.

Every fixture has over 100 stats for each team and more are being added as the software is developed further.

It’s all very well having lots and lots of stats but, of course, you need to know what to do with them.

The strength of our community is team work and we can’t wait to welcome you to trade with us!

Kevin spends two sessions per week in the chat room, sharing his trades with members and especially those new to trading who…