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For years now the authors of this book have made a full time living from betting on football matches on betting exchanges, the primary one of these sites being Betfair. In this book the authors show how a complete beginner can start from scratch and make consistent profits from using a number of trading systems and betting strategies.

Primarily aimed at those new to football trading and to betting exchanges, the book starts with an overview of how betting exchanges work and the mechanics of placing trades on Betfair. This then moves into a number of chapters which introduce the concepts of trading as opposed to gambling and explain how these principles can be applied to football matches anywhere in the world to make money.

The authors outline in detail FIVE different football betting systems which can be used by even the complete novice to start making money today on Betfair. These systems are bolstered with practical advice and guidance around how to minimise losses, manage your bank and staking, use research tools to your advantage amongst other topics.

This book is a must read for anyone serious about making money from sports betting.

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