Forex Freedom: A Strategical Guide To Becoming A Consistently Profitable Forex Trader


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Most aspiring traders and beginners spend hundreds if not thousands of pounds on books and online courses and seminars etc. searching for that one method which would be the answer to achieving consistency. You just need to keep buying new books and courses and eventually you will discover that one method that is right for you. You only need look at the titles of most Forex books to see how these books appeal to the market.

Here, I am taking a risk: This book does not contain any trading method or any trading system rules.

Consistently profitable traders do not keep searching for methods in books or in courses.

Consistently profitable traders know that IT IS NOT THE METHOD THAT MAKES THEM CONSISTENTLY PROFITABLE!!

This book aims to instil in you what the profitable traders and not marketers know. It will cover:

- Truly understanding the nature of trading

- How to strategically structure your trading business

- Why mind-set is 100% of trading success and how to achieve the correct mind-set

- How to really manage risk

- Provide an underlying structure by which to assess any trading method you buy or create

- The key components of all trading methods

This book does not cover basics such as: What is the forex market? What is a currency pair? It doesn’t link to any website or signals service I provide. Instead, this book tells you clearly and concisely the exact steps you must take (and some you must not take) to achieve consistency in your trading and it doesn’t need a single trading method included to get you there!

If you have already spent money on books or courses with systems then this is the book you need to lay the foundations and allow you to strategically structure your trading so that you can apply your method and profit from it.

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