From a Sheep to a Cobra: How to become a profitable Texas Holdem player and bring home the cash! A few insights that can change your fate as a Poker player


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I started playing Texas Holdem seven years ago. I have played in a “home game” with friends as well as in Casino Poker rooms around the world. I quickly found that the live Poker games are more interesting to me as I enjoy seeing the faces of my opponents. I also found that my style is much more suited for cash games and not so much for tournaments. I therefore concentrate on live cash games and this book is directed at this type of game only.

I have taken Poker seriously and spent many hours learning the game and reading professional literature. Even so, and in spite of the fact that I see myself as an educated and intelligent person (have been practicing law for years as an independent lawyer in the business sector), I have lost regularly for at least three years! Luckily, I was playing low stakes Poker for fun (not professionally), but losing regularly is annoying regardless of the stakes!

I decided to invest more time to study and think about the game more in order to develop a few ground rules which I will be able to implement. I did this by learning from my experience as well as by having many discussions and analyzing many hands with good and experienced players. I am happy to report that in the last four years I have proven to be a very profitable and successful player! I have decided to share my insights with the tens of millions of amateur Poker players out there in the world with the hope that they will find them as useful as I did and help them become profitable Poker players!