From Royal Ascot to Portman Park !


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An often hilarious and sometimes poignant look at over thirty years of working in and around the betting industry through the eyes of Andy Dunn, a betting shop manager since 1978, who has put down in print, numerous tales and anecdotes of people he has met in a variety of situations, some more ludicrous than others !

From the sublimity of being a penniless eighteen year old treated like royalty by a top trainer when inquiring about owning a racehorse, to the downright ridiculous, of

a man who claimed his partner had been killed in a car crash only for her to reappear on his arm a few months later, it is all here and more !

Larger than life characters he has met down the years on both sides of the counter, it gives a fascinating insight of just what life is like, working with, and on behalf of, the great British public.

For the betting shop enthusiast, many of the incidents will undoubtedly strike a chord, but even those with no interest in such a pastime won’t fail to see the humour in many of the situations, and indeed, may have been there themselves in a different setting !

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