Greyhound Betting System – Bags Beater

It’s a fact that the majority of punters think that greyhound racing is nothing more than a game of chance. But the fact is that just like any other event the winner can be predicted if you’ve got the right knowledge and tools.

The goal of the racing manager is to put together six dogs that are as closely matched as possible. What that means is that any of the dogs in the race can win, based on their recent past performances.

The answer is found by selecting the dog that will get around the track with no trouble. The dog that won’t get impeded or bumped.

It is a fact that if you could predict which dog will emerge from the first bend in front in every race that you would be a big, big winner.

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And that’s where the BAGS Beater software comes in. The fact is all the information that you need to predict which dog will lead is contained in the racecard.

The tricky bit is visualising the information in a way that allows you to understand when an advantage is significant.

Do you think that given the display above, which shows the dogs as they approach the first bend that you could decide which dog would lead at that all important first bend?

I think you would have pretty confidently backed the five dog and in this example you would have been on a 5/1 winner.

Most would look through the sectional times and decide that the one dog had the advantage. And it does, but also look at the position the three dog is in. The One and three get to run clear around the bend.

The Result three finished first at 11/4 with one second at 5/2. I split my stakes between them and for…