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I’m an ex bookie runner / Who used to collect garbage for a living / Who just happens to have hacked into Betfair recently.

We are well past fake Betfair screenshots guys, now its got so bad people are filming themselves showing you money they made from YOU, selling you their last betting product…

Could somebody be that twisted, could somebody be so messed up that they would film themslves counting the money they made from you, selling you their last scam product – Just to get ANOTHER fast buck off you?

Where we hear a new rags-to-riches story virtually every week: Some bookie runner’s cracked the code, or some hackers found some trick on Betfair that makes him £100k in under a month.

I mean, are we REALLY expected to believe that a brand new Betfair "millionaire" pops up almost every week, from nowhere, with zero online coverage of his amazing story?

It’s the real solid proof the system has been tested and proven to work – that’s what we’re looking for, Not the bookie runners…

All so visually slick photoshop would be proud of what their software can achieve for these scamsters..

If they REALLY use it to make a profit betting – what is so hard about showing the full results? Can non of these ‘millionaires’ make a video on their home…