Guaranteed Fx Profits

Read On To Discover How You Can Get Red Hot Profit-Packed Trades Handed To You On A Platter At The Same Time His Traders Carry Them Out… In Real-Time… All You Have To Do Is Set Them, Forget Them, And Profit!

There’s a unique forex strategy I want to share with you that’s been making my trading firm and me obscene amounts of money.

It takes advantage of something that governs the movement of the financial markets which I call the "Hidden Logic".

But a chance encounter with one of my now successful students at a local Burger King joint changed my mind. (I’ll tell you about it later…)

And, frankly, I’ve come to realize that sharing this takes NOTHING away from me and the success of my firm.

I read a book called "Liars Poker" by Michael Lewis where he told how he earned $225,000 in bonus after just 2 years of work on the trading floor.

When I walked onto that trading floor for the first time and saw the glowing flat-screen TVs, high-tech computer monitors and phone turrets with enough dials, knobs and buttons to make it seem like the cockpit of a fighter plane, it confirmed exactly what I wanted to do with the rest of my life.

It looked as if the traders were playing a video game inside a spaceship; if you won this video game, you became what I most wanted to beā€”rich.

My mentor saw so much promise in me, he called me personally during Easter break to let me know I had a job waiting.

Some of my former colleagues left my last job to come work with me with the promise of equity instead of a salary.

I taught them the "hidden logic". I paid it forward. And profits of the fund exploded for the first 2 years.

My IT warriors coded it in software we used to trade FOREX and it was responsible for placing high frequency trades for us on complete autopilot.

And soon I began to toy with the idea of…