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When you join Brian you instantly start gaining from his expertise and inside knowledge, as well as a long list of other benefits, take a look:

Choose the pass that suites – Day, Week or Monthlies – All of our passes receive the highest quality tips.

Follow my advice  and stick to the plan. Remember not to chase, keep a lid it, let logic influence your betting decisions.

As with all passes, day, week or month, you get your quality tips by text message ready for the afternoons afternoons racing.

For all passes, day, week or month, you get your quality tips by email ready for the afternoons afternoons racing.

To be honest, until there was Brian, almost every race day was a nightmare experience, learning to approach my betting differently with great tips has brought the fun and enjoyment back to my race days

Before I get into who I am and my background, first and foremost I have to confess Brian is not my real name, although it is a nice name, it wasn’t the name given to me at birth!

Why Brian then you ask, well, as I stated above, it is a nice name, and for corresponding purposes it will do us all just fine.

The reasoning behind this is that my family, and myself, have been connected to the racing fraternity, including ownership for many years, and we need anonymity.

This protects us from certain fractions in the horse racing world, that would like nothing better, than to stir the pot of jealousy, and believe me, you see some of these people every day on the racing channels, so for better or worse this is Brian, signing off.

Over the years (too many to count) mixing within the horse racing fraternity with Jockeys, Trainers, Owners, Stable Lads and even Drivers for certain well placed people in the racing world.

I have built up hundreds of well placed contacts, that are invaluable when it comes to making money from horse racing They come from the big yards, the little unknown yards, all equally as important if you want…