Hong Kong Stocks Top Trading Strategies (Profiting from Aphorisms Book 8)


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What will go up, what will go down?

If you’re looking to trade Hong Kong Stocks, then this book is for you. It contains immediately actionable trading ideas, developed by scanning through Hong Kong Stocks in search of those who perform better using seven well-known trading strategies:

    - Calends

    - Four Seasons

    - Thanksgiving

    - Triple Witching Weeks

    - January Barometer

    - December Low Reversal

    - Sell in May and Go Away.

These are time-based stocks trading strategies. They call for opening a trade at a specific time and also closing it at a specific time. For example, with the Thanksgiving Strategy you open a trade on the Monday before Thanksgiving Day and close it on the following Friday.

With time-based stocks trading strategies you do not have to guess. You know beforehand when to enter and exit a trade and what return you can likely expect.

The author of Hong Kong Stocks Top Trading Strategies has over 25 years of trading experience and has taught courses in finance, accounting and real estate. He has written this book in an easy and understandable way that does not require you to have prior math or trading knowledge.

Hong Kong Stocks Top Trading Strategies starts by briefly describing the mechanics of each trading strategy. It then lists, for each strategy, the top 20 Hong Kong Stocks expected to outperform based on their past performance, detailing its historical winning percentage, expectancy and average return.

The Kindle version of this book is periodically updated to reflect new market data. You can receive these updates automatically and at no extra charge. It’s as if you were subscribing to a stocks trading newsletter but without the cost!

The print version is updated annually. Buyers of the print version receive the Kindle version for free through the Kindle Matchbook program.

Get this invaluable resource right now and start trading with more confidence and achieve greater returns!

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