Horse Listening: The Book: Stepping Forward to Effective Riding (Horse Listening Collections Book 1)


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Do you wish your horseback riding lessons could come with a user manual? Do you feel that you could serve your horses better as a rider if you only know how and what to do? Would you like to be the rider that all horses dream of?

“Horse Listening: The Book” focuses specifically on riding as a means of improving the horse. Based on the popular blog,, the exercises and ideas are purposely handpicked to help you develop your path to becoming an effective rider, not only for your own benefit, but also for your horse’s long-term well being. Special “In the Ring” sections give specific suggestions to try while riding.

By following these simple, useful exercises, you will be able to develop a better understanding about:

- the rider’s aids

- the use of the seat

- the half-halt

- accurate turns and circles

- transitions

- hind end engagement

- rein lameness