Horse Training Basics for the Beginner: How to Get Your Horse to Trust You and Obey Basic Commands


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If you have a natural love for horses and want to get to start riding or caring for horses you ought to get a copy of “Horse Training Basics for the Beginner.” This book will allow the reader to get an in depth understanding of how horses respond to certain stimuli and they will also learn what they should not do when they are handling the horse.

The book is pretty easy to read and is laid out in a way that is pretty easy to understand. The main point that the author is trying to get across to the reader is that it is pretty easy to understand the psychology of horses once you know the basics!

About the Author: Ronald Mitchell spent all of his life around horses. His father owns a stable and he spent most of his days following his dad around and helping him to look after the horses that they had there. As an animal lover, he ended up taking over the stable when his father was too old to physically run it.

Ronald thought that he could share his knowledge with others so that they too may learn how to handle themselves around a horse or just to get over the fear of even touching one.