Horse Training In-hand: A Modern Guide to Working from the Ground Work on the Longe, Long Lines, Long and Short Reins


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This book sets out to show you that lightness in hand can be achieved by every horse. For some horses it is easy, due to conformation and a general aptitude for focusing intently on the challenges of being trained. For others, it is not so. However, if the training is undertaken slowly, with gentleness and respect, lightness in the hand is eventually possible. A supple, flexible horse whose back and entire body is strong and correctly collected to support the rider’s weight, is balanced and ready for the demands of any movement laterally or vertically. A horse that is light in hand is proof of the highest order that the will of the rider and horse are truly one. Simply, lightness is born of trust. Ellen Schuthof’s training of horses is different from other trainers, in that it emphasizes first the comfort, security and happiness of the horse. She stages short lessons to engage the horse’s attention and cooperation. If the horse becomes confused, she immediately asks him to ‘go back in time’ to a point where he has mastered a task, and asks him to perform that task so as to restore his confidence.The horse finishes the short lesson unstressed, full of enthusiasm and pride in his new accomplishments, and with an ever deepening bond with his trainer.

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