Horse training – Spotting, riding, breaking, training and raising horses


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“Horse Training – Spotting, Riding, Breaking, Training And Raising Horses” is for anyone who is looking to buy a horse and will help you become a successful horseman or horsewoman.

Horses are big animals and need special care if you want to train and ride them. I wrote this book to help you understand everything you need to know about owning a horse including breaking one in, riding your horse and training it to help you and your horse really get the most from this experience.

When you read “Horse Training – Spotting, Riding, Breaking, Training And Raising Horses” you will get plenty of tips and advice to help you make owning a horse a pleasurable and fun experience because you know how to look after it and can enjoy riding it.

In “Horse Training – Spotting, Riding, Breaking, Training And Raising Horses” you will discover:

- Everything Involved In Owning A Horse – so you know everything to expect, both good and bad, so that you can go into this with your eyes open and fully benefit!

- Finding The Right Horse For You – everyone has different needs and you will learn what to look for and what to consider when choosing your new horse!

- The Difference Between Breaking And Training – know what the difference is and how it affects your horse!

- The Importance Of Grooming – grooming is vital for your horse’s health, gentling and training so discover everything you need to know about how to properly groom your horse in this chapter!

- Honing Your Horseback Riding Skills – I show you how to improve your skills riding your horse!

- Is Raising Horses The Right Choice? – is owning a horse the right thing for you and should you raise them yourself? Find out some of the points you need to take in to consideration!

- The Cost Of Upkeep – owning a horse is not the cheapest hobby but you will learn all the costs involved so that there are no unpleasant surprises to spoil your horse owning fun!

And much, much more…

Owning a horse is a fun hobby that is very rewarding and enjoyable. There are many benefits for you in owning a horse and it is something your whole family can enjoy.

Having all the information about owning a horse at hand is vital because it will help you make the correct decisions, right from the start, to ensure you avoid any of the pitfalls other horse owners encounter.

Enjoy owning your horse as “Horse Training – Spotting, Riding, Breaking, Training And Raising Horses” explains all about this exciting and unusual hobby. Discover just how much fun you can have owning and riding your own horse.

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