Horseback Riding – 10 Simple Lessons That Will Transform Your Horse Riding and Training


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Horseback Riding – 10 Simple Lessons That Will Transform Your Horse Riding and Training

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Are you dreaming of horseback riding, buying a horse or did you just get a horse? Are you wondering about how you should proceed and the things you should be doing to enjoy horseback riding?

Your horse is a 1,000+ pounds of muscle and lightning-quick reflexes. You MUST pay attention to safety all the time. Even veteran horse trainers and riders are surprised and hurt by horses all the time. You are not unique.

You ability to handle and control these magnificent animals will determine not only how safely you will ride but also the amount of enjoyment you’ll have as you work with and ride them.

Presented in the book is 10 simple lessons that will help you get started and learn how to handle and understand your horse.

Developed, collected and distilled down from over 30 years of horse training experience, you are given the basis of safe and fun riding handed to you.

Here’s the subjects we’ll cover:

1. Get Inside Your Horse’s Head
2. Set Yourself Up for a Good Ride Even Before You Mount Up
3. A Most Critical Time: The First Minutes in the Saddle
4. Rider Safety: Riding Can Be Dangerous!
5. Ride Safely: The Rider Must Be Aware of the Horse and Self
6. Understanding Horse Breeds and Intended Use
7. Starting Them Young in the Saddle: the Beginner Child Rider
8. How the Rider Affects the Horse
9. After the Ride: True Horsemanship Lessons
10. What to Do When Nothing Goes Right with Your Ride

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