How to Build a Profitable and Robust Forex Trading System: Step-by-Step Guide to Designing Your Own Edge to Profit


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In this book the veteran FX Trader and former Bank Trader Svetlin Minev reveals how to successfully build and test a profitable Forex Trading Strategy from scratch.

The book comes with 7 ready-to-go strategies and 4 types of position entries.

After reading it you will know how to build and test your own trading strategy from scratch:

• How to select the key components of a profitable strategy

• Which type of strategy you should avoid (if you are a beginner)

• The importance of each component such as:

- Type of Strategy

- Time frame

- Rule for Entry

- Position Management

- Money Management

• 7 strategies included

- Stop hunting

- Order Flow Trading

- Short/Long Squeeze

- Follow the big money

- Trading around support/resistance levels

- Trading around round numbers

- ‘Sit and Wait’

• 4 Types of position entries

- Double top/bottom

- The Trader’s Trick Entry

- 2B

- Breakout of tight consolidation

• How to test your strategy before going live