How To Improve Your Texas Hold’em Skills – “7 Tips To Dramatically Improve Your Poker Skills” (Fully illustrated, Beginners Edition)


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In “How To Improve Your Texas Hold’em Skills”(Fully Illustrated,Beginners Edition) you will not only learn how to quickly improve your Hold’em game but you will also learn…

The rules, glossary of poker terms, full list of poker hands and general etiquette.

When to bet and when to fold along with the top 10 starting hands.

Different playing styles that best suit you.

How to read poker tells and bluffs and recognise and address the condition “poker tilt” including bankroll.

How to do the mathematics so that you quickly understand the odds and the probabilities.

How to use seperate strategies for both online Hold’em and face to face Hold’em.

How to recognise and beat the cheats.

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