How To Make Professional Bets: Massively reduce your liabilities on any event with a betting market, Take away the bookmakers advantage & put the odds in your favour


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This little known method can be used with any sport or on any event with a betting market.

Please do not confuse this method with the many get rich quick schemes & floored betting systems that are currently on the market, this is neither a scheme or a system, it is a method of betting that does exactly what it says on the tin & at the time of writing i have never heard of this method spoken of or written about anywhere before.

If like me you have purchased and read many books written by professional gamblers then you will probably be very disapointed that the book turned out to be nothing more than a biography and that none of their winning methods were ever revealed, sound familiar ? yes frustrating isn’t it.

Here i will explain this method in fine detail, now i am sure that i am not the only person using this method, i am pretty sure that there are professional gamblers out there also betting this way but i have never seen anything written about it anywhere and i have read enough books on betting, studied enough unsuccessful betting systems & staking plans etc.

Not only does this method massively reduce the chance of a losing bet on any particular sporting event but it also increases the chances of a profit with very little wastage of stake money, by operating your betting business like an investment banker, hedgefund manager or a bookmaker means that you will be protecting your assets (which is your betting capital) and limiting your liabilities which means increased profit margins over a period of time as you are effectively removing the bookmakers advantage & putting the odds in your favour.

Have you ever wondered how the betting industry really works ?, i am not talking about the slot machines and other gimmicks that you find in betting shops which are designed to take your hard earned cash, i am talking about the sports betting industry, millions of pounds/dollars are bet each day and the sad truth is that only the bookmakers & a small handful of professional gamblers are making a profit.

It is a fact that around 98% of gamblers lose long term, even in these modern times with so much betting information readily available on the internet, most gamblers will still lose despite all of the data now available.

So why do the bookmakers and professional gamblers make long term profits from betting on sports while the average everyday players lose long term ?

If they can build profitable betting businesses then why can’t 98% of other gamblers ?

It can be done, the bookmakers & professional gamblers are living proof of this.

In this book i will reveal a method in which you can massively reduce your liabilities on any event with a betting market, removing the bookmakers advantage & putting the odds in your favour.