How To Play Poker For Beginners: Learn To Play Poker Like A Pro For Newbies & Dummies – Discover Poker Strategies & Tips


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It doesn’t matter if you are looking to play in friendly game of poker, a tournament or even online poker. This book will help you get started so you avoid the pitfalls and mistakes that are easy to make. Don’t make costly mistakes! Download How To Play Poker For Beginners and you could be the one with the winning edge.

In This Book You Will Discover How To:

• An Introduction To Poker & Online Poker
• The Basics of Poker
• What Is Texas Hold ‘Em?
• Understanding The Strongest Hands
• Learning The Tricks of Positioning at the Table
• How & when To Bet, Don’t Make The Mistakes Everyone Else Does
• Advanced Poker Tactics & Strategies You Must Know
• How To Spot & Not Give Away A Tell
• Learnning The Nuances Of Online Poker
• Playing Multi-Table Tournaments
• Final Tips To Give You A Winning Edge
• Dealing With Addiction & The Warning Signs

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