INVESTING PACK #3, w/ Bonus Content: Forex Trading + Real Estate Investing Successfully for Beginners (Investing Basics, Real Estate, Real Estate Investing, … Investing, Real Estate Market, Forex)


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Forex Made Easy for Beginners

For those who are intimidated by the complicated computations, do not fret! “Successful Forex Trading For Beginners” has spared you from the math and made forex simple and easy for you. This book will guide you through the world of forex. You will understand how the forex markets work and how to easy it is to profit from forex trading.

Learn the “When” and Succeed in Forex

Guessing is the last thing you want in trading: it’s the surest way to lose money in trading. No more guesswork is needed as this book has laid out all the trading secrets for you. Learn the step-by-step process on how to determine when is the best time to trade and see your profits coming in no time!

The ABC’s of Real Estate

Learn the basic terminology of real estate. Everything that has to do with money, investments, loans, mortgages, property ownership and marketing is all here and explained simply to be easily understood by beginners. The terms are arranged alphabetically so that it’ll be easier to locate one for reviews and future references.

The Art of the Real Estate Deal

Learn about the common practices of real estate. This is especially helpful to beginners and those new to the game of real estate. It has the basic rundown of research that every aspiring real estate agent should know. In addition, it also picks out the relevant information from the unnecessary ones when making a purchase or getting involved in an investment. This part of the book is your typical dos and don’ts section that can really help you make good decisions and avoid making blunders. It also includes common mistakes that you should avoid so as not waste your time.


  • Have a basic understanding of forex and its mechanics
  • Learn the types of foreign exchange currencies
  • Determine which currencies are currently the most profitable
  • Know exactly when to enter the forex market for the largest possible gains
  • Determine which trader are you and the best trading strategies for your type
  • Identify how to spot trends, patterns and market sentiment through market analyses
  • Select the right broker for you for a hassle-free forex trading experience
  • Successfully open a forex account
  • Learn how to use a forex trading platform
  • Conquer forex trading through foolproof tips and tricks!
  • The real meanings behind terms that make up real estate
  • Learn how to make real estate money the ‘wise’ way
  • The things to consider when making real estate decisions
  • The keys and processes of investment
  • Marketing strategies and dealing with people
  • Know what to avoid in first-time investments
  • The best way to earn income in your first real estate investment
  • and Much, much more!

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