layer of profit

 Used By Professionals and Beginners, Who Like To Make Profits From Laying Horses To Lose. With Realistic 1pt Level Stakes Lay Betting, And Just The One Well Selected Lay Tip Each Day.

£10 Per Lay Wins £507.40p £25 Per Lay Wins £1268.50p £50 Per Lay Wins £2537.00p £100 Per Lay Wins £5074.00p

There are many betting systems out there, each have their own approach on selecting which horse will lose.

Many horse tipsters send out hundreds of tips every month, which makes following their system inconcievable to the majority of people with a full time job.

Our system takes into account, various factors to make sure, that we only deliver to you, the best chance of a high loss probability

If Selection is over odds when you come to make your bet, Simply set an unmatched bet with max odds set @4.0, and keep bet to take in play. This helps to maximize profits whilst ensuring we do not risk to much of our betting banks.

 Terms and Conditions: You agree that, as with all speculative transactions, e.g gambling, there os the chance of money being lost. By Taking out a subscription, you accept that all LayerOf Profit’s betting advice is for informational purposes only and that LayerOfProfit will take no responsibility for any losses incurred by you, the subscriber, as a direct result of acting upon recieved LayerOfProfit information. You are encouraged to bet only what you can effictively afford to lose.