Level Stake Wins – The Bookie Assassin

Some of you may have heard of me and if the name isn’t familiar maybe you know me simply as The Bookie Assassin!

Last June I opened the doors to my services for the very first time and it taught me a lot about being a tipster. Providing tips to members gave me all sorts of headaches but its something I have loved doing and there is no better feeling than not only taking money off the bookies but helping others do it too.

At the time of offering my services for the first time I was half way though testing some new methods.

My current win method was doing well, but used 1pt and 2pt staking on each bet and involved a lot of selections each month.

It was a frustrating month that saw members end up 5.92pts in profit with us landing 32 winners but with just as many finishing 2nd!

But that’s just 1 month, and like I said I have been testing this since the start of last year, so here are the full results from my testing:

Betting at £10 level stakes thats a total profit of £3,443.45 or an average monthly profit of £264.88 per month.

Just look at the bank growth over the last 13 months, this graph really puts into perspective the constant growth of your bank:

As you’ve probably guessed I like testing new systems and keep all the data from every selection I place. Here is an excel file you can download of all my level stake win bets since Jan 2014.

So if you are a punter who can make use of an average monthly profit of 26.48pts per month from a selection criteria that has still to have its first losing month then you may want to consider this…

Now what I learnt last year when I offered my service is that I should really have capped the number of members I allowed.

Now with that said I still don’t want charge what I see some tipster charging (up to £50 per month) for tips that basically don’t even compare to what mine have done over the last 13 months.

So, for a limited time, I will offer you these very selections for a small one time fee for the rest of 2015.

At the end of the month or when I hit 50 members, which ever comes first, the price will either DOUBLE or I will remove the offer altogether.