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Lotto Profits is a brand new lottery software, developed by an avid lottery player. This software uses a "special formula" that many big lottery winners have used to make big profits. Lotto Profits is a world class easy to use lottery software that uses a combination of number prediction based on past results and astrology calculations to predict the most likely lottery numbers to hit next.

Jeremy Stewart, an avid lottery player and student of the game has been studying lottery systems, theories, and discussing strategies with past lottery winners for over 10 years.

Since I was 17 years old, I’ve been obsessed with the lottery. My father was an avid lottery player who played the same numbers for 35 years. He won, but never hit the big jackpot. He should of won a multi-million dollar jackpot but didn’t because the 1 day his numbers hit, he got drunk and forgot to play his numbers. How…