Machine Gun Lays

It’s in our nature to get excited about winners. Jumping for joy when the horse we’ve backed to win comes in first. It’s true, picking a winner is very exciting, however, it’s also very hard. I know it, you know it and the bookies know it!

There seems to be far too many tipping services offering up "winners" (and failing miserably at it) instead of the much better proposal of making money from laying losers."

Betting on horses to lose is the only long term sure way of making consistent profits from horse racing.

Over the last 308 days [11.5 months] I have selected a total of 2,097 lay bets and 1,876 of these lost their races… (which of course is a win to me and you). That is Over 89.46% in OUR Favour!!

Yes that’s right…2,097 out of 1,876 successful Lays, that’s a combined win rate of 89.46% since DECEMBER 2013

NONE of the selections are priced more than 10.0 BSP In fact the Average Odds over the 11.5 Months period has been Only 7.74BSP [6/1]

Average points per month is +32.52pts. [that's £65.04 every month to small £2 betsor £320.52 to £10 bets]

The secret to our success is finding the correct lays at the right prices, keeping the liabilities down as low as possible whilst maximising the chances of picking a loser.

I wanted a second income, not an occasional bonus. Thats why I chose to forget backing horses to make a living from betting, that has to be one of the hardest forms of betting to try and make a long term profit from,

By following Machine Gun Lays, you are following one of the most consistent horse racing lay services around

My Money Spinning Machine Gun Lays Strategy. Selections Delivered the evening before the races between 8pm-1am GMT. Recapped in the morning at around 11am GMT.

Daily Selections also come with a .CSV file which an be loaded into any Betting BOT so users can bet automatically…