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The Grid rugby ball is a rugby training ball with a smart graphic. Available in size 5, 4 and 3, the Grid Training ball is highly recommended for use on grass and suitable for all ages.

The tried and tested four panel construction is manufactured to the highest and tightest specification to deliver optimum power, accuracy, consistency and control. Manufactured using a deep pimple emboss for optimum grip during play. The Grid training rugby ball uses a high air retention bladder to ensure that it doesn’t require inflation before every use, ideal for people short on time.

To avoid damaging your Mitre Rugby ball, care should be taken when inserting the inflation needle into the ball when using your Mitre pump, particularly on first inflation (remember your Mitre ball will be shipped deflated). We recommend you use Mitre Glycerine to lubricate the inflation needle, this will allow it to be inserted smoothly and carefully. Once inserted, inflate your ball to the desired pressure; there is a recommended pressure printed by the valve and the maximum pressure should not be exceeded. The amount of pressure inside the ball will significantly affect performance and could affect ball lifespan. To check ball pressure we recommend you use a Mitre Pressure Gauge, this will help set the ball pressure before use and ensure you get the most from your Rugby ball. For match play, we recommend you inflate the ball to the maximum recommended pressure; for training, a pressure at the lower end of the recommended tolerance is advised.

After care – if you use your ball in wet/muddy conditions, we recommend that you clean off any excessive dirt with a damp cloth (do not clean in a bath or shower), before allowing to dry naturally in an airy place and away from the cold (use a Mitre Mesh Ball Sack to store where possible). Balls should not be force dried with heat as this may damage the ball.

Mitre is one of the world’s original sports brands. For nearly 200 years, we have been shouting our love and passion for the game. We value innovation and we work hard to ensure our products always deliver.

  • The Grid rugby ball is a rugby training ball with a smart professional graphic
  • Tried and test fourpanel training rugby ball
  • Full weight match rugby ball suitable for all ages
  • Made from a rubber compound surface and deep pimple emboss for grip
  • Ball is shipped deflated

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