Neo G MEDICAL GRADE GOLF & TENNIS ELBOW STRAP with medical quality silicon insert, to dampen vibration


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Used for/ideal for treating…
• Mild to moderate forearm strains and sprains
• Repetitive strain injuries
• Lateral epicondylitis – Tennis elbow
• Medial epicondylitis – Golfer’s elbow

* Always consult a doctor

Product description
The Neo G Medical Grade Golf/Tennis Elbow Strap with heat therapy is specifically designed to provide dynamic compression and support to the forearm muscles and elbow tendon complex. It works by dampening vibration, stress and strain at the medial and lateral elbow by stabilising and cushioning the flexor and extensor muscles in the forearm. This strap can be used on either left or right forearm and is particularly useful in cases of tennis or golfer’s elbow, as it reduces tendon irritation and overuse. The unique lightweight design allows adjustable compression and customisable fit.

Product features & innovations
• Variable Compression Support
• MHRA – registered 1st class medical device
• Heat therapeutic neoprene
• Wrap around strap for extra support and comfort
• Vibration dampening pad

Instructions for use

1. Straighten arm with palm towards floor
2. Position the round padded area onto the top protruding muscle just below elbow joint on the top side of the arm
3. Wrap strap around forearm and fasten
4. Ensure support is not uncomfortably tight and blood flow is not restricted

  • Helps with epicondylitis (Tennis/Golfers elbow) and other sprains and repetitive strain injuries
  • Helps provide support and relief during occupational and sporting injuries
  • Constructed from heat therapeutic neoprene with an inbuilt vibration dampening pad
  • The product is a Universal Size (one size fits most), provides adjustable support, fits the Left or Right arm, is Unisex and is compatible with the Hot & Cold Therapy Disc
  • Registered with Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency, UK as a Class 1 Medical Device

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