New Era Do It Yourself Systems

NEW ERA DO IT YOURSELF SYSTEMS is to provide systems to help real people do things easier and better. NEW ERA DO IT YOURSELF SYSTEMS researched and developed many systems and will offer systems developed by others.

Offered systems will include investment and business opportunities, wellness maintenance and nutrition support systems, food production systems and recreational products. Some products can be down loaded free, links are posted to some products, other system products are offered for sale. No system or link to any system will ever be available through NEW ERA DO IT YOURSELF SYSTEMS unless we believe it to have real value to real people.

Systems for bettors in casinos have been censored, suppressed and altered. Unbelievable, but fact. You have been coached to lose. You are unlikely to find published  “betting systems” for any casino game that have not been altered to make them ineffectual. Casino table games have different ways to collect rent, the percentage for the casino. Even the best designed betting systems do not transfer well from one table game to another. Betting systems and practices developed in NEW ERA DIY SYSTEMS FOR CASINO BLACKJACK are adapted specifically to casino Blackjack. 

NEW ERA DIY SYSTEMS for CASINO BLACKJACK bypasses lies, the quack  “experts,” the “pseudo intellectuals”, the air headed “advisers” and misleading statistics. Casino Blackjack is the toughest of table games. Based on wins versus losses (47 wins to 53 losses); the casino has a 12.77% (6 divided by 47) edge. Casino Blackjack is only beaten with a portfolio of betting skills and accounting based betting systems (there are many).

“Betting Systems” are short term accounting programs. Some are moreable to solve sets of problems than others. An effective betting system is of several accounting routines working together. A betting system should convey a 20% edge to the bettor; offsetting the casino 13% edge and leaving a net 7% betting gain. Betting at any casino table game requires an operating plan or failure becomes certain. Plans using accounting based staking or wagering mitigate against loss and optimize winnings.

Quack “experts” saying…